GOGI Africa is an initiative of Getting Out by Going In (GOGI),
a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing the GOGI Life Tools.


Getting Out by Going In empowers the individual with the GOGI Life Tools for making positive decisions and creating a life of purpose and meaning through sustained behavioral and perspective changes.

GOGI Africa focuses on the unique needs of the continent of Africa with a focus on the emerging importance that each individual be given the tools they need to create an optimal life.


Positive cultures are created by individuals with a vision for peace and harmony.
Positive perspective shifts are possible regardless of past experiences.
Personal responsibility leads to internal happiness.
Empowerment comes from positive decision making over a sustained period of time.
Every human being has value, is filled with unlimited potential for good, and is worth an investment of energy.
Service leads to internal freedom.


All humans can unite in a desire for peace and harmony and the GOGI Life Tools provides a common “language” for all mankind to use in reaching this reality.